What is marketing plan or strategy?

What is marketing plan or strategy?

An organization has different ideas, goals and plans to run it.  Those ideas, goals and plans and combined with market research.  A good organizer firstly visits the market and research about market demands and customer needs and then creates the product according to the needs and demands of customer and Market. For selling the products which ideas, goals, and plans make that are called Marketing strategy.   It is also known as the marketing plan. The good strategy is that in which product or service maximum achieve the market and gain maximum profits. Here are Some Types of Marketing Strategies which are using these days.

Relationship Marketing:

   This strategy is set as long term relationship with their costumer. This strategy plans to achieve costumer’s loyalty, long term engagement and communication towards their brand.In this strategy it is focused on direct costumer needs and demands.

Seasonal Marketing:

 These days seasonal marketing is very in. According to the events, Holidays, weather changes this marketing strategy applied. Coca-Cola Company is doing this type of strategy in different events and seasons.

Cross-Media Marketing:

 In this type of Marketing company Provides information through different channels like  Mails, Emails, Websites, Blogs, Vlogs, Online and offline and print advertising to promote their brands and services.

Mobile Marketing:

 Mobile Marketing is a fruitful source of Marketing. Through text messages apps advertising and adds Mobile Marketing works.

Free sample Marketing:

  This Market technique is very old and very use full for these days. Door to door free sampling of new product or old product with some new change aware people and people purchase these things next if they feel satisfied with that product.

Freebie Marketing:

 In freebie marketing company offers low rates to boost up their customers. This strategy shows very good feedback.

Online Marketing:

  This type of Marketing is very beneficial.  Companies advertise their products or services on Facebook, Google, YouTube and many other websites.

E-Mail Marketing:

 Companies sent their update or offers through e- mails. This type of advertising is used by every upgrade company.

Public relation (PR) Marketing:

 The most important strategy of marketing is public relation marketing. Many companies work with media to aware people to their products and services and about their benefits.

Article Marketing:

 These days this technique is very common. People advertise their product through articles. People get info about these articles.

 Search  Marketing.

  People have very awareness these days. They search before buy the product.  Google is playing very important role in this matter. Companies left the info about their product to aware the benefits of the product to the people.

Diversity Marketing:

  This type of marketing is done according to people’s taste, culture, living standard, society and status.

Call center Marketing:

 In this type of marketing companies do advertising with different offers direct to the customer’s contact by call. This type of marketing is very old and applicable now days

Outbound Marketing:

 This type of Marketing is very old and traditional, companies contact with the potential costumer’s in this strategy. Cold calling, cold mailing, direct mailing, billboards, signboards, event sponsorship, TV, radio prime time advertising, print media and some time charity advertising are part of this strategy.


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